Friday, April 26, 2013

This is an urgent notice to City of Chicago Participants from the legal offices of Krislov and Associates. Please forward through to your CPD networks.

Subject: City of Chicago v. "Korshak" Retiree Healthcare Litigation

A1 Pages from 04 25 13 Letter to Participants-2

A page 2


Anonymous said...

pages are blank, only a small red X in upper left corner

Anonymous said...

Pages are blank

Anonymous said...

pages are blank!

Anonymous said...

Blank Pages is all I have. Please correct The post.

Charlie said...

forms are blank

SpankDaddy said...

I feel kind of blank today myself.

Anonymous said...

They want everyone to cough up some money to keep this litigation going.

I'm OK with that as long as everyone pays in.

We will all get the reward, I hope!